Tallycoin is a bitcoin crowdfunding platform where all donations go to a wallet under your control. Zero fees.

Geyser is a bitcoin crowdfunding platform that enables campaign creators to launch their projects with rewards and engage their communities with posts and content.

Open source dev funding powered by sats - 100% pass through with no management fees - 501(c)(3) approved - bitcoin for a better world!

Use Bitcoin on any mobile phone! Machankura turns your phone into a lightning wallet allowing you to send and receive bitcoin with just your mobile number.

Bitcoin Ekasi (Mossel Bay, South Africa) is inspired by Bitcoin Beach (El Zonte, El Salvador) Bitcoin Ekasi is an extension of The Surfer Kids Non-Profit.

Inspired by Bitcoin Beach optimized to Brazil, Praia Bitcoin experiment is building a Bitcoin Circular Economy in Jericoacoara- Ceará.

22/40 countries traveled with Bitcoin

Bitcoin for Fairness is a non-profit raising knowledge and understanding of BTC for people in emerging countries and for the disadvantaged.