For Recipients

The easiest way to recieve Bitcoin. Lightsats will take you on a simple and rewarding journey to safely withdraw your Bitcoin to a wallet of your choice, and then show all the ways you can use it.

Want to spend it? Save it? Buy? Earn more? We got you!

For Tippers

Bitcoiners can now finally tip/gift sats without worrying about onboarding the user and also losing their sats.

We will first educate your recipient to download a Lightning Wallet and take them through a full series of user journeys where they can experience firsthand the capabilities of Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.

If your recipient doesn't withdraw their tip in time, you can reclaim your sats!


- Special thanks to Ed from BOLT FUN for guidance and help with design/UX

- Thank you to all our Twitter followers who shared Lightsats

- Thank you to the plebs who are pushing Bitcoin adoption forward and orange pilling their friends, family and local businesses.

- 3d icons by realvjy

- christmas PNG Designed By Kerfin7 from Pngtree.com